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Maximum Carnage Complete Comic Set (Parts 1-14) Venom Spider-Man Symbiote Lot

Maximum Carnage Complete Comic Set (Parts 1-14) Venom Spider-Man Symbiote Lot
Maximum Carnage Complete Comic Set (Parts 1-14) Venom Spider-Man Symbiote Lot
Maximum Carnage Complete Comic Set (Parts 1-14) Venom Spider-Man Symbiote Lot
Maximum Carnage Complete Comic Set (Parts 1-14) Venom Spider-Man Symbiote Lot
Maximum Carnage Complete Comic Set (Parts 1-14) Venom Spider-Man Symbiote Lot
Maximum Carnage Complete Comic Set (Parts 1-14) Venom Spider-Man Symbiote Lot
Maximum Carnage Complete Comic Set (Parts 1-14) Venom Spider-Man Symbiote Lot
Maximum Carnage Complete Comic Set (Parts 1-14) Venom Spider-Man Symbiote Lot
Maximum Carnage Complete Comic Set (Parts 1-14) Venom Spider-Man Symbiote Lot
Maximum Carnage Complete Comic Set (Parts 1-14) Venom Spider-Man Symbiote Lot
Maximum Carnage Complete Comic Set (Parts 1-14) Venom Spider-Man Symbiote Lot
Maximum Carnage Complete Comic Set (Parts 1-14) Venom Spider-Man Symbiote Lot

Maximum Carnage Complete Comic Set (Parts 1-14) Venom Spider-Man Symbiote Lot   Maximum Carnage Complete Comic Set (Parts 1-14) Venom Spider-Man Symbiote Lot
Featuring; Carnage, Venom, Spider-Man and a whole lot more! Also includes as a little bonus... The Official "Maximum Carnage" Checklist Trading Card! Venom's nefarious offspring wages the ultimate symbiotic war in the streets of Manhattan. Now it's up to the Amazing Spider-Man his arch enemy, Venom, and a small army of heroes to stop the Maximum Carnage! Guest-starring Captain America, Black Cat, Cloak & Dagger, Firestar, Iron Fist, Deathlok, Morbius, and Nightwatch. Featuring the villainy of Carnage, Carrion, Demogoblin, Shriek, and the evil four-armed Spider-Man Doppelganger! Maximum Carnage (The Complete 1993 Series) includes. Spider-Man Unlimited #1 - August 1993. Artists: Ron Lim w/ Jim Sanders III & Nel Yomtov. Cover by: Ron Lim & James Sanders III. Maximum Carnage Part 1 "Carnage Rising".

In Ravencroft Asylum, Cletus Kasady is being brought in by Officer Resnick and other guards to Dr. Kasady promises that when he escapes, he will kill Resnick quickly and with minimal agony.

Landis believes that Kasady simply dressed up in some gaudy red costume while calling himself Carnage. Pournella reveals that they are conducting tests on Kasady because an unexplained anomaly keeps registering in his blood, and when she puts a needle in Kasady's arm, the Carnage symbiote reawakens and kills the guards and Dr.

Carnage reveals that he lied to Resnick about the minimal agony. Pournella that he will celebrate his newfound freedom by slaying everyone in Ravencroft. Meanwhile, Peter, Flash, Felicia, Mary Jane, JJ, Robbie, Aunt May, Peter's parents, Liz, Normie, and Mark are all attending the funeral of Harry Osborn. Felicia is wondering about the truth behind Harry's death.

Liz tells Peter that Harry's happiest times were when the two were roommates back in college. Mary Jane mentions that Normie keeps glaring at them. Peter reflects on how Harry saved his life, and that his friends, foes, and family all manage to become jumbled together somehow. Back at Ravencroft, while Carnage is busy with his murdering, he hears someone cheering him on and frees the criminal known as Shriek in order to increase his ratio of kills per time. Back with Peter and Mary Jane, Peter is trying to get her to quit smoking so he won't have to attend her funeral as well and to make it equal, he promises her to stop being Spider-Man for a week or two.

Across town somewhere, Carnage is telling Shriek how he shared a jell cell with Eddie Brock, and that when the Venom symbiote freed him, a part of it was left behind for Kasady to become Carnage. Spider-Man then used sonics on both symbiotes and Kasady arrived at Ravencroft. He then thinks he sees Spider-Man, but it turns out to be the Doppelganger who teamed up with Demogoblin. Shriek reveals her sonic power to protect the Doppelganger, so he can join their twisted family.

Peter hears that Kasady escaped Ravencroft and goes after him, thinking about all his old foes will never die off and keep coming back. Instead, he runs into Shriek and his Doppelganger. Mary Jane also hears on the television that Carnage escaped, and Shriek reveals both her powers and the fact that she and Carnage are an item to Spider-Man. Spider-Man quickly takes out Shriek, but the Doppelganger jams him in the ribs and off the building they were fighting on. The Doppelganger swings away with Shriek as Spider-Man collapses.

Finally, at the Daily Bugle, Karen Crushing alerts Jonah that Carnage is loose. As he goes into his office to collect his passport and leave, he sees Kasady already in there and waiting for him to help him go on a hunt for Venom.

Maximum Carnage continues in Web of Spider-Man #101... Web of Spider-Man #101 - June 1993. Artists: Alex Saviuk w/ Don Hudson & Bob Sharen. Maximum Carnage Part 2 "DarkLight". After his clash with Carnage, Shriek, and the Spider-Doppelganger, Spider-Man is left in an alley with broken ribs.

A street gang spots the vulnerable hero and tries to take advantage of the situation. However, before they can harm the wall-crawler, they are ambushed by Cloak and Dagger.

After a barrage of Dagger's light knives and a quick trip into Cloak's darkness, they gang members flee the scene. With Spider-Man needing medical attention, Cloak and Dagger teleport him back to the Holy Ghost Church.

Not far away, the Spider-Doppelganger swings Shriek away from Spider-Man. Once it believes that she is safe it drops her onto a nearby building and doubles back to finish off Spider-Man. Shriek decides to follow after the Doppelganger, but wonders how things are going with Carnage at the Daily Bugle. At that moment, Carnage has just left the Daily Bugle, where he roughed up J. This was all so he can coerce Jameson into publishing a story to warn both Spider-Man and Venom that he is coming after them. Although Jameson wants to run with it, Joe Robertson refuses to give into Carnage's extortions. However, when Jonah insists, Joe concedes on making a journalistic compromise.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man wakes up in the Holy Ghost Church was Cloak and Dagger are treating his wounds. That's when they are ambushed by Shriek and the Spider-Doppelganger. Seeing Cloak and Dagger, Shriek is glad because she was once pulled into Cloak's darkness when she was merely a drug addict.

While Spider-Man is dealing with his doppelganger, Cloak is being bombarded by Shriek's sonic powers which work like an echo chamber when blasted into Cloak's darkness. As Dagger comes to her partner's aid, Carnage arrives to balance the scales.

Things start to go downhill for the heroes, as Carnage strikes Spider-Man's bruised ribs, causing him great pain. Shriek manages to overpower Cloak, prompting Dagger to come to his aid. Dagger begins trying to keep Shriek's sonic blasts at bay with her light powers. However, Shriek proves the stronger, striking Dagger causes her to disappear in a flash of blinding light. The resulting burst of light appears to take down both Cloak and Spider-Man.

Thinking his foes are dead, Carnage is furious that Shriek killed Spider-Man, a privilege he wanted for himself. Still, they decided to continue their reign of terror and leave the church.

Outside, Demogoblin watches as they go. He has been trying to track down the Spider-Doppelganger since it was possessed by two Deathspawn that only he can see. Intrigued by Carnage and Shriek, he decides to follow after them. Back inside the church, Spider-Man and Cloak recover from the burst of light.

Finding no sign of Dagger, Cloak fears the worst and assumes that she is dead and screams her name. At that moment in San Francisco, Venom stops a mugging. After he catches the news report about Carnage's message to the Daily Bugle.

Venom realizes that New York City needs him. Maximum Carnage continues in Amazing Spider-Man #378. The Amazing Spider-Man #378 - June 1993.

Artists: Mark Bagley w/ Randy Emberlin & Bob Sharen. Cover by: Mark Bagley w/ Randy Emberlin. Maximum Carnage Part 3 "Demons on Broadway". Eddie Brock arrives at LaGuardia Airport.

There, he sees a newspaper concerning a headline involving Carnage. He speaks aloud concerning his intention to kill Carnage, and transforms into Venom. When Airport security clumsily attempts to apprehend him, but he flees. While he approaches the city, Venom laments how he feels responsible for Carnage, as his symbiote created him and vows to destroy him. Meanwhile, Cloak and Spider-Man are nursing their wounds in the Holy Ghost Church.

Cloak is beside himself with grief from losing Dagger to a surprise assault by Shriek. He expresses grief and then rage, swearing to make Shriek pay.

Spider-Man then leaves to pursue leads concerning Carnage. He thinks about how he can relate to Cloak, given the many people in his life he has lost because of his career as Spider-Man.

Spider-Man, while searching, considers the fact that Carnage has teamed up with the Doppelganger and Shriek and how death and life work in a balance. Halfway across the city, Carnage confronts Shriek and Doppelganger about their going after Spider-Man without him.

Carnage effectively puts Shriek in her place, indicating that Spider-Man is his. Every bone and sinew, every drop of blood or bile...

At that moment, Peter Parker's wife Mary Jane waits for her husband to return home. She is smoking again because she is worried about her husband. On the other hand, he thinks about those who he has recently discovered are still alive, like his parents. When she sees the beating that her husband has taken, she is angry that he went back on his word to stop being Spider-Man for a while.

He tries to weasel around on this, Peter tells her that he said he would try. This makes Mary Jane even angrier, as she thinks he didn't try very hard. At this time, believing Shriek to be in danger from Carnage, the Spider-Doppelganger attacks the symbiotic serial killer.

Using a piece of the alien symbiote, Carnage easily knocks Doppelganger away. Carnage then informs Shriek that this "band" has one leader - him. Back at the Parker's Soho apartment, Mary Jane figures that Peter's enhanced healing will have his broken rib after a night's rest. Unfortunately, Peter explains that he can't rest while Carnage and his allies are still on the loose and intend to go back out hunting for them immediately. Simultaneously, in psychopathic fashion, Carnage and Shriek makeup, agreeing that if they are going to kill, they are going to kill together.

Things are not quite so copesetic at the Parker household. Mary Jane refuses to let Peter go out and get himself killed, especially after they just recently lost Harry Osborn.

However, Peter can't shirk his responsibility, especially since they killed Dagger. Unable to speak sense to her husband, Mary Jane breaks out into tears and turns away from her husband.

Meanwhile, in Central Park, a police patrol car is ambushed by Carnage and his twisted family. While Carnage rips the roof off a couple's car, and then viciously murders both.

Shriek then eradicates the vehicle. This draws out a beat officer who comes to see what all the commotion is. Ambushed by the Spider-Doppelganger breaks the neck of the officer. Committing murder as a team comes as a delight to Carnage who suggests that they continue to spread their chaos and bloodshed to others. While near the Bowery, Spider-Man is searching for Carnage and his cohorts, although he can't keep his mind off the troubles his marriage is facing at this time.

His thoughts are interrupted when he spots the Demogoblin. Remembering Demogoblin's ties to the Spider-Doppelganger, he hopes that the demonic creature can lead him to Carnage and his gang. Spitting the wall-crawler, the Demogoblin doubles back and ambushes Spider-Man.

The wall-crawler is struck by one of Demogoblin's black pumpkin bombs. The bomb discharges a liquid shadow, which clings to Spider-Man and causes him to feel immense cold and feel senses of hopelessness and loss. Demogoblin flaunts his success while Venom swings through the city looking for Carnage. Hearing a radio report from a nearby taxi cab, Venom is made aware of the altercation between Spider-Man and Demogoblin, but when he hears about a disturbance in Central Park. Correctly suspecting that Carnage is responsible, Venom decides to go there.

As Demogoblin prepares to kill Spider-Man, a preacher approached the villain from behind. As Demogoblin turns his murderous intentions on the preacher, Spider-Man forces himself out of his despair and delivers a devastating blow to the villain. As the wall-crawler checks on the preacher, Demogoblin throws another pumpkin bomb. The web-head successfully dodges the explosion, but his actions inflame his broken rib. Before things can escalate any further, Demogoblin flees.

Spider-Man feeling immense pain decides to cut his losses and go home. Venom arrives at Central Park and engages Carnage, Shriek, and Doppelganger. That evening, while Peter recovers, he and Mary Jane are watching the news coverage of Carnage's mayhem and there's a knock at the door.

Mary Jane answers it to find a severely injured Venom, barely conscious. Maximum Carnage continues in Spider-Man #35. Spider-Man #35 - June 1993. Artists: Tom Lyle w/ Scott Hanna and Kevin Tinsley & Ericka Moran. Maximum Carnage Part 4 "Team Venom".

Carnage takes Shriek and the Spider-Doppelganger to a warehouse where props for rock shows are stored. Shriek is impressed and agrees that this will make a great home for their "family". That's when she suddenly detects the smell of sulfur, unaware that the Demogoblin is flying around nearby.

While at the home of Peter Parker and his wife Mary Jane, have an unexpected visit from Eddie Brock, aka Venom. Brock has been seriously injured and passed out on the floor.

Mary Jane is upset that Peter wants to help Brock, especially since he promised her that he would give up being Spider-Man for a while. Unwilling to watch her husband get hurt in their own home, Mary Jane storms out. Helping Eddie Brock onto the couch, Peter is told that Carnage is back. Parker can hardly believe this as he thought they destroyed Cletus Kasady's symbiote during their last battle. Still, Brock insists that Kasady has found a new way to become Carnage again and that they need to work together to stop him.

However, Eddie passes out from his injuries, prompting Peter to go out looking for Carnage on his own as Spider-Man. As he swings around the city, Spider-Man wonders where to turn next, especially since Mary Jane walked out on him. With no other choices, Spider-Man pays a visit to Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat.

He tells her about what is going on, and he tells her that they have to stop Carnage. While in Forest Hills, Aunt May is serving a meal for her guests, Richard and Mary Parker. That's when they are joined by Mary Jane who has decided to drop in for a visit. With the recent death of Harry Osborn, the Parkers ask Mary Jane how Liz Osborn and her husband Peter are taking to Harry's death. Meanwhile, Carnage and his allies are interrupted by the arrival of Demogoblin, who believes that his former partner the Spider-Doppelganger has brought him a pair of sinners to eliminate. Hearing how the demon's mission is to kill people, Carnage is impressed and asks Demogoblin to join their cause.

Back at Felicia Hardy's house, Peter tries to convince her that they do not need Venom's help to stop Carnage, as he will not reduce himself to stooping to Brock's methods. Changing into her Black Cat costume, Felicia disagrees, telling Peter that if he's not willing to help, he's part of the problem and leaves out the window. At that same time, Carnage manages to convince Demogoblin to join his cause. The demon accepts, figuring this will expedite his mission.

When Shriek asks Carnage if they can trust the Demogoblin, Carnage admits they can't, but they'll kill him when he ultimately betrays them. It's then that he is visited by the Black Cat who offers to work with him to stop Carnage.

They are also joined by Spider-Man, who agrees to work with Venom, but vows to stop anyone who tries to kill, regardless on whose side they are one. With that, the trio make an uneasy alliance and go searching for Carnage. While back at their hideout, Carnage orders his minions to head out and continue their massacre. They are interrupted by Cloak, who has come to get revenge against Shriek for killing his partner Dagger. Not far away, Spider-Man, Venom and the Black Cat are searching for signs of Carnage.

Their attention is turned to the warehouse when they see one of Shriek's bolts smash through the roof of the building. The trio interrupts Carnage and his allies as they are overpowering Cloak. With the addition of the three additional heroes turns the tide of the battle.

Venom attempts to eliminate Carnage by shoving him into the Dark Dimension portal within Cloak. Unfortunately, Carnage uses his symbiote to anchor himself and pull free from this dark void.

Carnage then orders Demogoblin and Shriek to bring the roof down on their foes, covering their escape. Spider-Man and Venom try to follow after their foes, as Carnage has been weakened. On the way out, Spider-Man hears moaning and looks back. There he is horrified to see the Black Cat's has been buried under the burning rubble.

Spider-Man finds himself caught in a moral quandary: Does he stop Carnage, therefore saving his potential victims at the expense of the Black Cat, or allow Carnage to get away so he can save Felicia's life. Maximum Carnage continues in The Spectacular Spider-Man #201. The Spectacular Spider-Man #201 - June 1993.

Artists: Sal Buscema w/ Bob Sharen. Maximum Carnage Part 5 "Over the Line".

Following their recent battle against Carnage and his allies, Spider-Man helps the Black Cat out of a collapsed and burning building. Venom is in there with them, but with his symbiote's weakness to fire, all Eddie Brock can do is use what little strength he has left to pull himself out of the blazing inferno. Venom then asks what became of Carnage, and becomes furious when the wall-crawler tells him that Carnage managed to escape while he was busy saving the Black Cat.

Venom tries to start a fight with Spider-Man until the Cat orders him to stop. Venom is about to argue this but realizes that the Black Cat is right. She then scolds Spider-Man, telling him that she doesn't need him to protect her, and that Venom was right about stopping Carnage above all else. When the Cat suggests that they get going, Spider-Man refuses to continue working with Venom, as it would continue to compromise his morals.

Although he promises to do everything in his power to stop Carnage, the Black Cat and Venom are unimpressed and leave to deal with their mutual foe on their own. Once left alone, Spider-Man staggers in pain due to his broken rib.

Not far away, Carnage and his associates Shriek, Demogoblin and the Spider-Doppelganger continue their random acts of murder. Demogoblin has become tired of the randomness of their actions and demands that they formulate some kind of plan. As this goes against Carnage's belief in total chaos, he viciously attacks Demogoblin, telling him that there is no plan. Reminding him that the whole point of their massacre is to sew chaos. Demogoblin continues to protest this course of action until Shriek separates the two.

She reminds them that they have been all been alone for too long that they need to stay together so that they can continue what they all crave: murder and destruction. Surprisingly, both Carnage and Demogoblin relent and agree to put aside their differences, at least for now. Still, Carnage becomes angry when Demogoblin starts talking about their purpose and is ready to start fighting again. Shriek then seductively convinces Carnage that he needs to teach their "children" his ways in order for them to fully understand his message.

With their differences settled for the time being, Carnage and his twisted "family" resume their massacre across Manhattan. Later, in Forest Hills, Peter Parker pays a visit to his Aunt May. Try as he might, he can't hid the fact that he is in pain. When May asks him what's wrong, he tells her that it's personal, but assures him that it is much bigger than a marital spat with his wife Mary Jane. May wishes her late husband, Ben Parker, was here as he was able to guide Peter through his problems. As May says this, the man claiming to be Richard Parker, Peter's father, comes down the stairs to listen in on the conversation. Peter agrees but realizes that all of his decisions in life have been made based on how Uncle Ben raised him, and that regardless of what the problem he has always done what was decent regardless what others thought of him. However, Peter isn't sure he can still live by those standards because the world has changed so much since Ben died. May reminds Peter that he must always listen to his heart and that there is no easy way to do the right thing. She's confident that Peter will always do the right thing no matter what, then kisses him on the cheek. Inspired, Peter is on his way out the door when he is stopped by Richard, who tells his son that he overheard what May was saying. He tells Peter that he used to be an idealist like his brother, who saw the good in everyone. However, after twenty years in a Russian prison, he no longer feels that way after he saw the devil face-to-face. He tells his son that deep down, the devil is inside every man. After all the atrocities he saw in prison, he knows what a human being is capable of. Richard maintains that his brother was one of the good people in the world, but figures the day he was fatally shot he probably looked at his killer trying to understand why someone would do that.

Richard finishes his advice by telling Peter that when the devil comes it is often without rhyme or reason, and the devils of the world will consume you if you let them. Lastly, he tells his son that in order to stop that kind of evil you've got to fight fire with fire before it swallows you up. Peter tries to understand what Richard went through, but he doesn't see life that way. Richard pleads to his son, tells him that he has to change his ways because he doesn't want to see his own son get broken the way that he and his wife had while they were political prisoners. Unsure what else to say, Peter tells Richard that he has to go.

Richard slumps down and closes his eyes to think, unaware that Aunt May heard every word and is deeply concerned. While Peter was getting advice from his family, Carnage and his minions have been running wild in New York City. They had been murdering people in the streets at random. Their only opposition is an NYPD helicopter, which is easily shot down by Demogoblin and crashes in a fiery wreck. Venom and the Black Cat arrive too late to stop the slaughter.

Venom is furious that they missed Carnage by mere minutes and insists this senseless slaughter must end. That's when they are joined by Cloak, who has recovered from his strange affliction following the death of his partner Dagger.

Cloak is welcomed back into the fold, but Venom reminds both of his allies that Carnage is his, and his alone. Meanwhile, Carnage and his "family" have stopped in a restaurant to slaughter the patrons. It's then that Demogoblin points out that news of their coming has spread and people have fled the streets and that they should do something to root people out of hiding.

Surprisingly, Carnage agrees with Demogoblin and they walk off to figure out what to do next. As they walk away, the form of Carrion emerges from the sewers and begins to follow after them.

Elsewhere, Spider-Man is swinging across the street, resuming his own search for Carnage and his crew. He is haunted by his father's words and wonders if Richard may have been right. Suddenly, his spider-sense begins to go off and when he rounds the corner, the wall-crawler is shocked to discover a full-blown riot happening in the streets.

Spider-Man saves one man from a beating and learns that people have started going crazy every since Carnage and his gang started their massacre. Suddenly, the web-slinger is swarmed by an angry mob. When he tries to talk reason, the web-spinner is swarmed.

He soon becomes fed up and fights off his attackers. Having lost his temper, Spider-Man decides that if everyone in the city wants to act like savages he will treat them in kind, saying that he will do whatever it takes to stop the city from going down in flames and will give no mercy to anyone who stands in his way. Maximum Carnage continues in Web of Spider-Man #102... Web of Spider-Man #102 - July 1993.

Artists: Alex Saviuk w/ Don Hudson & Jim Hoston. Maximum Carnage Part 6 "Sinking Fast". Morbius the Living Vampire has come to the rescue of a woman being mugged in an alleyway. After stunning one of the thieves with his hypnotic gaze, Morbius then begins to feed upon his blood.

The entire grisly scene is applauded by Venom who have arrived with the Black Cat and Cloak. Venom wants to recruit Morbius to their cause, despite the Black Cat and Cloak's misgivings about it. At that moment in Soho, Peter Parker is changing the bandages on his chest. It is a painful exercise as he hasn't given himself time for his ribs to heal. He wishes his wife, Mary Jane, was around to talk things out.

Unfortunately, she had stormed off after they had an argument over his responsibility to stop Carnage. At that moment, Mary Jane is dancing her worries away at the new nightclub called the Deep. As she dances she thinks she sees her husband in the crowd.

Unfortunately, it is a case of mistaken identity as the man only vaguely resembles Peter Parker. She figures that Peter is out being a hero again and decides to give the paparazzi something to take pictures of. However, the scene takes a horrific turn when Carnage, Demogoblin, Shriek, and Spider-Doppelganger arrive on at the club and begin slaughtering the patrons. Seeing this, Mary Jane tries to get out but is knocked down by the panicking crowd. Seeing their mindless slaughter, she wonders why Peter would want to face such horrors, and then wonders where her husband is.

At that moment, Spider-Man is helping rescue crews rescue those who were caught in Carnage's rampage. That's when some police officers the wall-crawler how Carnage and his minions stole limo, Spider-Man heads off to follow them. Nearby, Venom and his allies continue to search for Carnage and his crew. That's when Morbius detects a lot of spilled blood and begins leading them to the nightclub.

Cloak and Black Cat arrive there first, thanks to Cloak's ability to teleport. With the killers distracted, Mary Jane tries to find a way out, but she is trapped.

That's when Venom and the others come crashing through a nearby wall. A chunk of debris ends up hitting Mary Jane on the back of the head, dazing her. When Carnage spots Mary Jane he is about to attack her when Venom lashes back. He tells Mary Jane to tell her husband that they are even now.

Recovering from Venom's attack, Carnage notices a camera crew broadcasting the whole thing on live television. He decides to give New York City something to look at and grins at the camera. This appears on one of the giant television screens on display in Times Square. Seeing this, Spider-Man learns where Carnage is and begins heading to the Deep.

As the battle rages, Cloak tries to get at Shriek so he can avenge the apparent death of his partner Dagger. That's when Spider-Man arrives and turns the tide of the battle. Realizing they will lose if they stay, Carnage and his minions flee. In the aftermath of the battle, Spider-Man spots Mary Jane and checks to make sure she is okay.

Venom wants to continue after Carnage, but the wall-crawler points out that there are still people trapped in the nightclub. Since they owe Spider-Man for the last minute save. And they go and take the time to rescue the others.

After everyone is safe, Spider-Man decides to side with Venom. Although Venom accepts Spider-Man's invitation, it is met with suspicion. Having wasted enough time, Venom says they need to get going.

Spider-Man is the last to leave because he is can't believe what it has had to do in order to stop Carnage. However, he decides that now that he is on Venom's side he is going to start acting like it. Maximum Carnage continues in Amazing Spider-Man #379. The Amazing Spider-Man #379 - July 1993. Maximum Carnage Part 7 "The Gathering Storm".

Spider-Man has brought Venom, the Black Cat, and Cloak to the St. Estes Home For Boys in Brooklyn. He explains to the others that since this is where Cletus Kasady grew up, perhaps visiting this place can give them some ideas as to how to stop him. However, seeing the words "Carnage Rules" written on the walls in dried blood, Spider-Man discovers that this only brings back the memories of the first time he fought Carnage. The wall-crawler fears that with the addition of Shriek, the Spider-Doppelganger, and Demogoblin, Carnage may be unstoppable. The Black Cat also points out that somehow the madness is starting to affect the people of New York as well, making them become violent. Venom suggests that although Carnage's symbiote has mutated, it may still have the same weaknesses that his does.

He suggests that they get Reed Richard's sonic gun. The Black Cat thinks that this is a brilliant idea because symbiote is also vulnerable to fire, and they could also recruit the Human Torch. Spider-Man says this crisis has come at a bad time as both the Fantastic Four and the Avengers are out of town.

However, he believes that Firestar of the New Warriors might be a decen substitute. Accepting this idea, Cloak tells the others that he will seek her out and teleports away. Witnessing this, Spider-Man is confused, as he believes that Cloak could only teleport with the help of his former partner, Dagger, which would be impossible now since Dagger is apparently dead. This leaves Spider-Man, the Black Cat, and Venom to go for Richard's sonic gun. As Spider-Man swings across the city, he wishes he could call his wife Mary Jane, to check in on her.

This is especially important since their marriage has been turbulent of late after Mary Jane asked him to give up being Spider-Man for a while, something he was unwilling to do once Carnage began his rampage. At that same moment, Morbius the Living Vampire has arrived at Ravencroft Institute. Ignoring his bloodlust, he has come seeking out information about Shriek. Inside the facility, he prints out her file and heads back for his hyperbaric chamber as the sun will soon begin to rise. Meanwhile, Carnage and his crew are trashing the New York City Museum of Metropolitan Art.

Their rampage is interrupted by the NYPD's Extreme Emergency Team. However, the commotion has also attracted the ghoulish Carrion. Carnage is impressed when Carrion kills one of the officers with a single touch and invites him to join their group. As they slaughter the police officers, Shriek remembers that Carrion had apparently died in an explosion not too long ago. Carnage doesn't care how Carrion survived as long as he helps bring up their body count. While in Soho, Liz Osborn asks Mary Jane to join her for breakfast. Protecting herself with a knife, she is ready to face whatever madness may come knocking at her door, but despite this all Mary Jane wants is for her husband to come home. At that moment, the cyborg known as Deathlok is collecting information from the Internet. The spike in crime throughout Manhattan has him concerned, and so he decides to find out who is responsible and stop them. Meanwhile, Spider-Man and his allies are making their way to the Four Freedoms Plaza. Although the building had recently been damaged in an explosion, he fears the security systems are going to be a problem. That's when he hears a scream from down on the street.

Seeing a carjacking in progress, Spider-Man swings down and stop the thieves. He's surprised when the owner of the car tries to attack him, thinking that the wall-crawler intends to steal his car as well. This gives one of the carjackers a chance to try and shoot the hero in the back, but he is stopped by the Black Cat. She and Venom point out that Spider-Man is getting sloppy and soft-hearted, reminding him that the more they allow themselves to be distracted, the more people Carnage and his twisted "family" murder.

As they continue on their trek, Spider-Man finds this growing mob mentality is frightening and wonders what the cause is. At that moment in Forest Hills, Richard Parker is escorting his sister-in-law to the bank so she can cash her social security check. May is upset with Richard, for the talk he had with Peter, about hitting back and never turning the other cheek. She is disappointed that Richard can no longer see the good in people anymore. Suddenly, they are confronted by a man who has bought into Carnage's nihilistic worldview and demands that May give him her purse.

Quickly, Richard picks up a large board and hits the man over the head hard enough to knock the man out. Richard, feeling his point of view was just justified, asks May if she feels like giving this man a second chance. May finds himself speechless in the face of such hostility. Back in Manhattan, Carnage and his crew are engaging in wholesale slaughter in the streets. Just as Carnage turns his attentions to a mother and her family, he is ambushed by Deathlok.

Carrion swoops in and attempts to use his death touch on Deathlok, but it has no effect on his dead flesh. After taking down both Carrion and Demogoblin, Deathlok leaps up onto a electronic billboard to avoid Shriek's blasts. When the Spider-Doppelganger tries to attack him, he easily boots the monster away. Furious that someone harmed her "son", Shriek blasts Deathlok into the billboard.

The sudden jolt of electricity incapacitates the cyborg, ending the conflict. Carnage gloats over Deathlok's defeat and then invites his "family" to gather around for some "fun". By this time, Spider-Man and his allies have broken into the Four Freedoms Plaza and fought their way past the security systems to get to Mister Fantastic's lab.

There, they find the sonic gun. Venom insists on being the one in control of the weapon. The Black Cat thinks he is being paranoid thinking that everyone is out to get him, unaware of the fact that their intrusion has tripped an alarm and is transmitting information elsewhere. While in Brooklyn, Spider-Man and the others return to St.

Their return coincides with the return of Cloak who succeeded in recruiting Firestar from their cause. For the first time, Spider-Man feels confident that they can put a stop to Carnage.

Figuring that with the technology and powers they have at their disposal, Carnage doesn't stand a chance. While he is saying this, Carnage and his "family" had just finished stringing up Deathlok to the billboard. Maximum Carnage continues in Spider-Man #36... Spider-Man #36 - July 1993.

Maximum Carnage Part 8 "Hate is in the Air". The island of Manhattan has is giving into lawlessness across the city since the start of Carnage's massacre.

At the offices of the Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jameson tells Ben Urich and the rest of the reporters in the bullpen to go out there and report on the truth, no matter how ugly it is. Retiring to his office, Jonah discovers Spider-Man, Venom, the Black Cat, Firestar, and Cloak waiting for him. Jameson is unhappy with his office being invaded by costumed vigilantes. However, the heroes explain that they want to use the Daily Bugle to set a trap. This angers Jameson even more since this is the second time his publication has been invaded in a number of days. However, Jameson changes his tone when Cloak and Venom begin intimidating him. Watching this, Firestar begins to question the tactics that this group are using in order to stop Carnage and begins wondering where the line is. A short time later, the Daily Bugle prints an edition with a front-page story reading Carnage Go Home! Seeing someone reading the newspaper, prompts Carnage to kill the man in order to read the story. Meanwhile, Aunt May and her in-laws, Richard and Mary Parker, arrive outside of Peter and Mary Jane's Soho loft.

As they walk up the stoop they are confronted by members of the Bedrock Gang, who claim the neighborhood as their own. Before they can harm the Parkers, Flash Thompson comes to their aid and is joined by Mark Raxton, the reformed criminal formally known as the Molten Man.

The pair send the gang packing and bring the Parkers upstairs. There they are welcomed boy Liz Osborn, her son Normie, and Peter's wife Mary Jane. At that moment, Carnage and his "family" arrive at the ruins of the Brooklyn orphanage where Cletus Kasady grew up. He takes Shriek, Spider-Doppelganger, Demogoblin, and Carrion on a tour of the facility. As he does so, he relives the memories of the place. Bullied by the other orphans and abused by the headmasters helped shaped Kasady into the serial killer he is today. He vows never to allow himself to become a victim again. That's when something on the roof causes debris to come shifting down on their heads.

Suspecting that they were being spied upon, he orders Shriek to blast a hole through the ceiling. That's when Spider-Man and his allies ambush Carnage's "family".

Elsewhere, electrical crews try to free the cyborg known as Deathlok after he was strung up on an electronic billboard by Carnage and his gang. Unfortunately, the free-flowing electricity makes it nearly impossible to cut him loose. Salvation eventually comes when the martial artist known as Iron Fist arrives on the scene. Focusing his chi into his iron fist technique, he punches through the live electrical wires, cutting off the power. Freeing Deathlok, Iron Fist sprints away with the cyborg in his arms.

Back in Brooklyn, Spider-Man and his allies force Carnage and his minions out of the orphanage and into the park next door. As they fight, the sun begins to set, triggering the release mechanism on Michael Morbius' hyperbaric chamber. While in Brooklyn, Spider-Man is snared in Carnage's tendrils but is freed when Firestar blasts Carnage in the back. This causes Carnage great pain and he lets the wall-crawler go. This proves to the heroes that Carnage's symbiote may have the same weaknesses as Venom. That's when Venom uses the sonic blaster they stole from the Four Freedoms Plaza against Carnage. With the combined force of Firestar's microwave powers and Venom's sonic cannon, it appears that they kill the Carnage symbiote, leaving behind the naked form of Cletus Kasady. That's when Morbius arrives on the scene to join the battle. The other villains are being fought off when Venom attempts to kill Cletus. However, Spider-Man refuses to let Venom murder and pulls Brock away. This allows Shriek to get close enough to slash open Kasady's face with her fingernails. To everyone's surprise, Cletus Kasady's blood begins flowing out and covering his body, turning into a brand new symbiote. With his powers restored, Cletus Kasady proclaims that Carnage never dies.

Maximum Carnage continues in The Spectacular Spider-Man #202. The Spectacular Spider-Man #202 - July 1993. Maximum Carnage Part 9 The Turning Point! Spider-Man and his allies have discovered that their stolen sonic gun no longer has any effect on Cletus Kasady. Carnage explains that his symbiote has mutated into something different that the one worn by his "father" Venom.

In this case, Cletus Kasady's symbiote is not just bonded to his body, but his blood. Gloating over this revelation, Carnage orders his "family" to charge and begins firing spikes made out of his symbiote's mass.

Spider-Man tries to shield his allies with a web-shield, but Venom, Cloak and Morbius rip through so they can fight with Carnage and his minions. As they watch from the sidelines, Firestar is disturbed by some of the allies Spider-Man has chosen to side with. When the wall-crawler suggests that the ends justify the means in this situation, Firestar disagrees.

That's when the Black Cat chimes in, reminding the young mutant that Carnage and his "family" have slaughtered countless innocent people and while the pair wants to debate morality, she and the others are putting their lives on the line to put an end to the massacre. With that, the Black Cat leaps in to join the battle.

Spider-Man and Firestar look at each other silently for a moment and then enter the fray as well. Meanwhile, in Soho, Mary Jane tries to read a book, but can't help but think about how angry she is at her husband, Peter. Mary Jane is furious with Peter for going back on his promise to give up being Spider-Man for at least a week. Her anger gets the better of her and she throws the book across the room. She then breaks down and prays that her husband doesn't die.

Back in the park, Cloak attacks Shriek, wanting to avenge the death of his partner Dagger. He manages to pull Shriek into the darkness of his cloak. Deciding that she knows what true suffering is, Cloak frees her and reaches out to her. Unfortunately, this has done little to change Shriek's personality and she bites Cloak's hand.

Shriek reminds Cloak that if it hasn't been for Cloak pulling her into his cloak when she was a young drug addict, she wouldn't have become who she is now and that it is actually Cloak's fault that Dagger is dead. This rattles Cloak badly enough that it allows Shriek to blast him with her powers. Unable to handle it, Cloak teleports away. With her ability to transmit her insanity, she then summons an angry mob to join the battle.

When Morbius tries to drink the blood of one of Shriek's thrall, but the Black Cat stops him. The Black Cat is knocked out by one of the angry mob. As Morbius tries to go to her aid, he is struck down by one of Demogoblin's flaming pumpkin bombs.

Meanwhile, Carnage decides to slaughter the people that Shriek have summoned to fight on their side. He is opposed by Spider-Man, who is quickly forced onto the defensive. Seeing Spider-Man in danger, Firestar comes to his aid. Surprisingly, her microwave blasts force Carnage to flee.

Seeing this, Venom points out that Carnage's symbiote must still have a weakness to fire. Venom then insists that Firestar continue attacking Carnage until he is dead. After a moment of thought, Spider-Man tells Firestar to do it.

This comes as a shock to the young woman, but she complies. As she blasts away, Carnage begs for Firestar to stop.

As she continues to pour it on, Spider-Man and Venom watch from the sidelines. While Venom encourages Firestar to come going, Spider-Man suddenly has a change of heart. He tells Firestar that this is wrong and to stop. Uneasy with this herself, Firestar pulls away, stopping while Cletus Kasady clings to life.

Venom is furious and tries to attack Firestar, but Spider-Man comes to her aid. Furiously, Venom swats Spider-Man away and turns his attention to Carnage.

Unfortunately, Shriek is there to defend her lover and blasts Venom to the point where his symbiote is left in tatters. This allows Carnage and Shriek to beat Eddie Brock within an inch of his life. However, instead of killing him then and there, Carnage suggests they have some fun and prolong Brock's suffering. With Carnage and his crew gone, and Spider-Man's allies all defeated, the wall-crawler struggles to pull himself off the ground.

That's when someone offers him a hand. When Spider-Man looks up he sees Captain America standing over him. Maximum Carnage continues in Web of Spider-Man #103... Web of Spider-Man #103 - August 1993.

Maximum Carnage Part 10 "Sin City". At Avengers Headquarters, Spider-Man, Captain America, and Firestar view footage of the chaos that has erupted across Manhattan since Carnage started his city wide massacre. With Captain America on their side, Spider-Man is certain that they'll finally defeat Carnage. Using the Avengers computers to see if there is some kind of pattern, Cap is shocked to discover that everything is happening at random. As Captain America works, Spider-Man asks Firestar if she is still concerned about not killing Carnage when they had a chance. Firestar admits that she couldn't bring herself to Carnage's level and take a human life, and fears for the safety of Cloak, the Black Cat, and Morbius. Spider-Man points out that they decided to strike out against Carnage alone after Venom was captured. That's when Captain America interrupts their discussion because someone is trying to hack into the Avengers computers. Trying to single out the source, and eventually, discover that it is a joint effort of Iron Fist and Deathlok. They explain that they were trying to get access to the Avengers files on Carnage after they had an encounter with the monster and his minions, and didn't want to waste time with red tape. Although Cap doesn't condone their hacking, he accepts their offer for help.

Needing to check in on things at home, Spider-Man arranges a meeting later that day. Meanwhile, in Lower Manhattan, Black Cat, Cloak, and Morbius arrive moments after Carnage's "family" have passed through an area. Although the Black Cat wants to stop and help the survivors, Morbius insists that any delay will cost more lives.

That's when they are ambushed from behind by Demogoblin, Carrion, and the Spider-Doppelganger. As they battle these foes, Carnage and Shriek are at the Statue of Liberty torturing Venom.

Suspended over a flame, Venom is helpless as Shriek bombards him with sonic blasts. With Eddie Brock's symbiote significantly weakened, Carnage decides to up the ante and begins cutting Brock with his razor-sharp tendrils.

While in Soho, the Parkers and Flash Thompson seek refuge in the Osborn's loft. Richard and Mary worry about Mary Jane who has been waiting upstairs by herself the whole time.

Upstairs, Mary Jane has been chain-smoking as she waits for Peter to return home. As she is lost in thought, she is started by her husband as he comes up behind her. Mary Jane is upset that he keeps on doing this to her, but her protests quickly end when Peter tells Mary Jane that he loves her.

That's when a radio report about a hostage situation nearby. Back in Lower Manhattan, the heroes are not faring well against their foes. When Cloak tries to pull Demogoblin into his darkness, it causes him pain. At that point, Carrion grabs Morbius by the throat, draining his strength before throwing him into Cloak.

It's then that the three villains gang up on the Black Cat. Watching this from the rooftop, Nightwatch swoops down and saves the Cat from serious injury. He then joins the battle with Morbius and the others. Meanwhile, Spider-Man sneaks into a police station to help diffuse the hostage situation. While back at the battle in Lower Manhattan, Nightwatch's inclusion in the fight helps turn the tide, forcing Demogoblin and his allies to flee.

Nightwatch and Morbius follow after them, leaving Cloak and the Black Cat behind. Seeing how seriously the Cat is injured makes Cloak think about his dead partner, Dagger. After regaining her strength, the Black Cat tells Cloak that she is out of her league and decides to head home to treat her wounds. Cloak also intends to return home to reflect on the situation and teleports himself back to the Holy Ghost Church.

At that moment, on the roof of Avengers Headquarters, Captain America and Firestar meet with Iron Fist and Deathlok. They are then joined by Spider-Man, and with their team all together they head out to tame a city gone wild. Maximum Carnage continues in Amazing Spider-Man #380... The Amazing Spider-Man #380 - August 1993. Maximum Carnage Part 11 "Soldiers of Hope". At the Statue of Liberty, Carnage and his "family" continues to torture Venom, as he remains suspended over an open flame. Suddenly, Demogoblin and the Spider-Doppelganger are ambushed by Morbius and Deathwatch, who have come to rescue their ally.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Fist, Firestar, and Deathlok are flying across Manhattan. With the entire island succumbing to madness, they are all focused on stopping the source of the insanity, as they are the only ones left who can stop it. When Deathlok and Captain America both agree that they must stop it no matter what, it gets Spider-Man thinking. The wall-crawler worries about his wife Mary Jane, who has had an issue with him being involved in the battle, even though she recently gave her blessing to stop Carnage's rampage.

That's when Firestar spots the source of the madness, Shirek, who has been amplifying her powers to drive the city mad. At that moment, in Soho, Liz Osborn, her step-brother Mark Raxton and the Parkers watch the news coverage of Carnage's massacre across the city.

With the madness has spread to midtown, they all worry what will happen when it reaches their area. As Richard suggests that they board up the windows, Mary Jane finally comes down from her apartment.

Mary Jane tells them that she has realized that brooding over her husband won't help her through this dark time, and she needs to be with family. While back Midtown, Spider-Man wonders what he is doing in the middle of this battle. This distracts him from Shriek's attacks, but he is saved by Firestar. When Shriek clips Firestar with one of her blasts, she is then attacked from above by both Iron Fist and Deathlok. They too are blasted, followed by the wall-crawler.

However, she has her back turned when she is struck by Captain America's shield. With Shriek knocked out, the heroes recover from the battle. Captain America points out that Shriek was defeated because she was facing them on their own, leaving them to wonder where Carnage and the others are.

Back at the Statue of Liberty, Venom watches as his would-be saviors have the tables turned on them. Carnage watches with glee, gloating over the work of his "children". With the tide of battle turning, and the sun starting to come up, Deathwatch is forced to retreat with Morbius so they can live and fight another day.

With the battle over, Carnage orders Demogoblin, the Spider-Doppelganger, and Carrion to go look for Shriek while he goes back to torturing Venom. While back in the city, the heroes begin breaking up the angry mobs and people trying to commit crimes and acts of violence. Without Shriek's constant influence, these people suddenly realize what they are doing and stop themselves. After Spider-Man talks a woman out of throwing her children off the side of the building, he realizes that it is important for him to be here right now.

If it wasn't for him, the children would have died. No matter the trouble it may cause trouble in his marriage, the wall-crawler insists that his wife is wrong. That's when Demogoblin and the others arrive and find Shriek webbed to a lamp post. When they attempt to free her, they are opposed by Captain America, Iron Fist, and Deathlok.

They fail to stop Shriek from getting free, and are forced on the defensive in order to save innocent people from getting caught in the crossfire. Seeing his allies in trouble, Spider-Man leaps in to lend a hand. Meanwhile, uptown, Felicia Hardy is still recovering from wounds sustained in battle. Looking out at the city from her balcony.

She briefly considers going back out as the Black Cat. However, she figures with her broken arm and blurry vision, she'd only get herself killed. Although Peter Parker may be willing to sacrifice his life for what he believes in, Felicia doesn't think she ever could. While at the Holy Ghost Church, Cloak also finds himself debating his ability to help in the battle against Carnage.

He knows he could help his friends, but he has felt strange ever since Dagger was seemingly killed. Back at the scene of the battle, Shriek is shocked when the people who were once under her spell turn on her and joins the heroes. Watching this recent development in Soho, seeing what happened, Mary Jane realizes that she was wrong telling her husband to stop being Spider-Man. However, things quickly turn against Spider-Man and his allies when Shriek unleashes her powers full blast.

Although the heroes manage to resist the blast of insanity, the regular people around them are not so lucky. With people back under her control, Shriek orders them to kill Spider-Man and the others. Maximum Carnage continues in Spider-Man #37... Spider-Man #37 - August 1993.

Artists: Tom Lyle w/ Scott Hanna & Al Milgrom and Kevin Tinsley & Ericka Moran. Maximum Carnage Part 12 The Light! Spider-Man and his allies attempt to quell the riots that have started since Carnage began his rampage across Manhattan. A news crew films their courageous efforts and manage to get some words from Captain America. He tells the reporter that they are doing everything they can, and suggests that they get somewhere safe.

Watching this news coverage is Richard Parker who can't take it anymore and shuts off the television. His wife Mary tries to tell him to calm down, but Richard refuses, saying that he feels like they are in prison again. Mary Jane has had enough of her father-in-law's ranting and raving and tells him to shut up. She reminds Richard that the heroes are making a difference and giving people with hope.

Hearing Mary Jane say this makes Aunt May smile. She then tells Richard that she doesn't want to hear another negative word. This rebuke from Mary Jane leaves Richard Parker speechless. Meanwhile, at the Statue of Liberty, Carnage continues to torture Venom. Suspended over an open flame, Eddie Brock begs for Carnage to stop torturing him.

His protests fall on deaf ears as Carnage is reveling in torturing his "father". That's when Carnage pulls out the sonic blaster that Venom previously used against him. However, when Carnage pulls the trigger, Venom's symbiote (which had been secretly hiding inside to heal itself) comes spraying out of the gun and covering over Venom. Breaking free from his bonds, Venom strikes Carnage and then makes his escape.

Carnage is furious that Venom managed to escape because, up to this point, he was winning. Meanwhile, at the Holy Ghost Church, Cloak prays for guidance. He needs guidance because he has felt lost since his partner Dagger died. While back in the city, Captain America is leading the charge through the angry mobs. With Dealthok not far behind, Cap tells them that they have to take down Shriek so she can stop influencing the angry mob.

Watching from the rooftops is Shriek and her "children" Demogoblin, Carrion, and the Spider-Doppelganger. As Cap and Deathlok get close to the building, Shriek pushes her influence harder, frenzying the mob even more. As Shriek and her minions flee, Firestar helps her allies by using her microwave powers to create a circle of flame around the mob. Meanwhile, Iron Fist confronts a group of looters. With but a gesture, he tries to calm the crowd.

At first, it works until another mob comes around the corner waking the others from Iron Fist's trance. Fighting off the frenzied citizens, Iron Fist begins to lose his temper, threatening to strike them with his iron fist. Spider-Man then swings down and pulls Iron Fist to safety. On a nearby rooftop, Spider-Man learns that Iron Fist was using a unique ability and no trickery. When Spider-Man asks if Iron Fist could teach him that move someday. Iron Fist tells the wall-crawler that it would take about eight or ten years to learn and leaps away. Hearing this, Spider-Man gives in to his frustration and begins striking a nearby chimney. He begins thinking about what his father told him a few days previously about fighting fire with fire. At first, he thinks his father was right, but then he remembers what his Aunt May told him the same day about always following his heart.

Back at the Holy Ghost Church, Cloak continues to pray for guidance back onto the path of light. Suddenly, a bright light begins shinning out from inside the darkness of his cloak. In the city, Shriek has grown tired of waiting for Carnage to come back and orders her "family" to get ready to continue their slaughter. That's when Carnage arrives, and he is so furious that he attacks Shriek to reassert his dominance among the group. That's when the Spider-Doppelganger comes to Shriek's rescue.

Carnage savagely attacks the Doppelganger and sends it crashing down to the pavement below. Having had enough of Carnage's insanity, Demogoblin is about to leave the group himself when suddenly they are confronted by Spider-Man and his allies. Before the two groups can clash, they are suddenly blinded by a bright flash of light.

Maximum Carnage continues in The Spectacular Spider-Man #203. The Spectacular Spider-Man #203 - August 1993.

Artists: Sal Buscema w/ Chris Matthys & Joe Andreani. Maximum Carnage Part 13 War of the Heart!

The forces of Spider-Man and Carnage were prepared for the final battle when suddenly they are all blinded by a bright light. Looking in the direction of the source, they are shocked to discover Cloak and Dagger. Shriek can't believe it because she thought she had killed Dagger.

Dagger explains that Shriek's powers killed her, in a sense, as her fatal attack actually turned Dagger into pure light. That light was then gathered into Cloak's body where Dagger eventually reformed herself because Cloak's love encouraged her to hang on. Shriek still cannot believe it.

When Carrion tries to comfort her, but she blasts him aside. She then tries to attack Dagger. When Carrion tries to join the fight, but Carnage tells him to let Shriek handle the situation. Likewise, when Spider-Man and his allies try to help Dagger, Cloak stop them. Dagger easily overpowers Shriek and then uses her light powers to show her foe how she really feels.

Shriek is surprised to discover that Dagger forgives her. Still, Dagger cannot let go of her hate and tries to blast Dagger, however, Spider-Man is there to pull Dagger to safety. After assuring he is safe, Spider-Man tells everyone that it is time. By this point, Carnage, Carrion, and Demogoblin check on Shriek. After Carnage makes sure that Shriek is still devoted to his cause, they turn to face the gathering of heroes to find that there is nobody left.

Thinking they all ran away, Carnage begins to laugh. However, they soon learn that Spider-Man is still there. The wall-crawler explains that he stayed because he defeated Carnage before, and he will defeat him again. At first, Spider-Man is able to hold his own for a little while against his four opponents, but once Carnage lands one good blow, they all begin ganging up on the wall-crawler.

Even though the web-slinger is savagely beaten, Spider-Man still refuses to surrender. That's when Carnage orders Shriek to unleash a full power of her psychic blasts. Spider-Man's mind is flooded with dark despair. He resists by calling up the images of his wife Mary Jane, his Aunt May, Uncle Ben, and Gwen Stacy. That's when Shriek is suddenly struck by an energy blast.

This is coming from a massive Alpha Magni-Illuminizor carried by Deathlok. He, Iron Fist, Firestar, Captain America, and Cloak and Dagger had quickly constructed at a nearby Rand Corporation building. Channeling Dagger's light powers, the weapon is effectively a "good bomb", that charges Shriek is pure goodness.

Unable to contain it, Shriek then begins unleashing the goodness upon her companions. The first to fall is Carrion, who miraculously reverts back to his human form of Malcolm McBride. Demogoblin tries to fly away on one of his flaming gliders.

However, Spider-Man manages to snag him with a web-line, sending the demon crashing to the ground. Demogoblin tries to get up to fight back but soon collapses to the ground. Although Shriek suggests that he give in, Carnage refuses to allow himself to give in to these positive emotions. Eventually, the device overloads and explodes. With Demogoblin wrapped up and Shriek knocked out, Spider-Man checks on Malcolm McBride. When Iron Fist checks on Carnage, he determines that the psychopath is dead. This upsets Spider-Man because he wanted to stop Carnage without having to resort to killing the serial killer.

Despite this, Spider-Man hopes that even though he resisted being bombarded with goodness, he found some kind of peace. At sunset, Spider-Man has gone to Central Park to reflect on everything that has happened. That's when he is interrupted by Venom who is furious that Spider-Man killed Carnage instead of him. He tries to start a fight, but buckles because he is still weak after being tortured by Carnage.

As Spider-Man checks to see if his enemy is okay, Carnage emerges from the pond, revealing that he is still alive and well. Although Spider-Man can't believe it, Venom is looking forward for the opportunity to kill his "son". Maximum Carnage concludes in Spider-Man Unlimited #2... Spider-Man Unlimited #2 - August 1993.

Artists: Mark Bagley w/ Sam DeLaRosa & John Kalisz. Maximum Carnage Part 14 The Conclusion The Hatred, The Horror and The Hero! Spider-Man had come to Central Park in the aftermath of the "Maximum Carnage" massacre where he was confronted by Venom who was upset that Carnage was killed by someone other than himself.

That's when Carnage surprised them by emerging from a nearby pond and attacks. His ribs injured, Spider-Man is forced to take to the sidelines while Venom battles Carnage. Carnage's mind has still been affected by the alpha wave device they used against him previously.

This gives Venom the edge in battle, forcing Carnage to flee into the woods. When Spider-Man suggests they get Captain America and the others, Venom refuses anymore help, wanting to destroy Carnage for himself.

He strikes the wall-crawler in the chest and leaps away. This hurts the wall-crawler even more. Elsewhere in the city, people are celebrating in the streets following the end of Carnage's reign of terror. They are watched from the rooftops by Nightwatch and Morbius the Living Vampire.

Nightwatch pities them, as they still live in a dangerous world. Morbius, on the other hand, envies them. He also knows that Nightwatch is wondering if their next encounter will be as friends or foe. Across time, Mary Jane waits for her husband in the emergency room. There she comforts a woman whose husband was almost killed by Carnage and his minions but was saved by Captain America.

They are relieved when a nurse comes out and tells the woman her husband just got out of surgery and is expected to survive. That's when Peter Parker comes out shortly thereafter with his ribs all bandaged up. Mary Jane begs Peter to finally take a break from being Spider-Man. Unfortunately, he can't tell make that promise to her as long as Carnage is still on the loose. Just then, at Ryker's Island, a criminal waits out his trial in the cell previously occupied by Cletus Kasady.

His thoughts are interrupted when Carnage comes ripping through the wall. He demands to know what the other criminal is doing in his cell.

He rants about where this is where it all began, wishing he killed Eddie Brock before he broke out of prison. That's when Venom enters the cell and the two come to blows. Carnage manages to get away when he fires some symbiotic spikes at one of the guards, forcing Venom to act as a shield to protect the innocent man.

The projectiles do little but slow Venom down briefly, and he soon follows after Carnage. Although the media says the danger is over, he warns everyone that there are still monsters always find a way to return. This causes Liz Osborn to cry, as despite her best judgment she wishes her husband, Harry Osborn, the Green Goblin, would return. As she walks away with her son Normie, the young boy gives Peter a dirty look. Peter asks to speak to his father in private, and the two go up to the rooftop to talk. He reminds his father of the speech he gave early on during Carnage's rampage. That in order to defeat monsters you need to fight fire with fire.

He points out that even though this world is full of monsters, there are courageous men and women out there that fight for good, like the Avengers and believes that good always triumphs over evil. He assures Richard that he is not a monster, just someone who is afraid, and tells him the best thing to do is to be honest with each other.

Later that night, Mary Jane wakes up to Peter exposing the film in his camera. He is destroying the photos of the destruction he photographed during Carnage's rampage because he can't bare to see them published. When he tells her that he is going back out as Spider-Man, she tells him to stop and listen to him for a moment.

Although Mary Jane has been trying to get Peter to take a break from being Spider-Man, but she realizes that he will never stop going out there and making the world a better place. Even though that causes her a great deal of stress, she loves him even more for it and encourages him to go out and be a hero. She then tells him that he hit the jackpot with her and kisses him goodbye.

Going back out into the city, Spider-Man vows to stop Carnage, his way. Meanwhile, the mass-murderer has fled to the St. Estes Home for Boys in Brooklyn. There he is haunted by the memories of his past.

Telling his past tormentors to leave him be, he is attacked once again by Venom. The two come to blows until Venom punches Carnage through the wall where he wrote "Carnage Rules" in his own blood. However, before Venom lands a killing blow, Spider-Man knocks him aside. Spider-Man tells Venom that he can't let Venom murder someone, even someone like Carnage.

However, Venom refuses to listen because he is devoted to eliminating his "son" in order to protect the innocent. Unfortunately, during the fight, Carnage manages to escape again. Hearing that Peter went back out in to capture Carnage worries Felicia. She fears that Spider-Man is going to be in too much trouble, considering the beating she got from battling Carnage and his minions earlier, a beating that took her out of the fight. Meanwhile, Spider-Man and Venom follow Carnage to a nearby cemetery where the maniac is digging up his mother's grave reconcile how she treated him as he was growing up.

He is insulted when the wall-crawler and Venom interrupt him. As the battle continues, Spider-Man once more gets between Venom and Carnage, not wanting either to be killed. Carnage swats the hero aside. When Spider-Man lands between the graves of Harry Osborn and his father Norman, and suddenly he realizes why this cemetery was so familiar. When Carnage leaps toward the web-slinger to make the kill, he is kicked out of the way by the Black Cat.

Carnage grabs his mother's coffin and tries to flee the scene. Unfortunately, he is tackled into a power transformer by Venom. There is a massive explosion that burns away Carnage's symbiote and rendering him unconscious.

Spider-Man and the Black Cat also look for Venom, unaware that he was knocked clear of the blast and has fled the scene. Just then, an Avenger's Quinjet arrives carrying Vision, Sersi, and Thunderstrike.

They have come to collect Carnage and take him away. The Vision advises tells them that Captain America warned them about Cletus' blood being able to recreate the symbiote and have come with a containment pod. In the aftermath of the battle, the Black Cat looks at the shattered remains of the coffin that Cletus had dug up and notices that it was empty.

Spider-Man figures it that nothing about Carnage is logical. The Black Cat then muses how monsters like Carnage always have a habit of returning. Looking at the graves of Harry and Norman Osborn, Peter hopes that's not always true. Maximum Carnage - The Complete Series - (1993) Parts 1-14.

Spider-Man Unlimited #1 - May 1993. FC, 32/64 pages, Comic, 10.25" x 6.5". Collectible Entertainment note: Comics {Parts} 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14 are in Fine + to Very Fine + condition. A must have for any serious Carnage and/or Venom and/or Spider-Man collector / enthusiast.

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  • Main Character: Carnage / Venom / Spider-Man
  • Series: Maximum Carnage (The Complete 1993 Series)
  • Product Condition: Fine + to Very Fine +
  • Product Type: Comics Lot
  • UPC: 759606024575
  • Features: Set
  • Year: 1993
  • Publication Date: 1993
  • Publisher: Marvel Comics

Maximum Carnage Complete Comic Set (Parts 1-14) Venom Spider-Man Symbiote Lot   Maximum Carnage Complete Comic Set (Parts 1-14) Venom Spider-Man Symbiote Lot